Sharon Breckenridge Thomas’ Congressional Priorities

I am serious about my commitment to Protect and Defend the Constitution. Stand with me for Conservative values and preserve our rights to Life, Liberty and Land!


I will defend the right to life for the born and unborn. The value of life is non-negotiable. Since 1973, 62 million American lives have been lost as a result of the Roe v. Wade decision. I will stand up and defend the innocent lives that are being destroyed in the womb until Roe v. Wade is overturned and Planned Parenthood is defunded.


I will protect our Constitutional liberties. I am not afraid to remind my opponents – YOU CANNOT HAVE OUR GUNS! I also believe that freedom of speech and religion is foundational to our nation. I am running to keep our rights intact and let Socialist Democrats know that our liberties are not up for grabs!


We must have border security to protect our land and our citizens inside of our borders. Congressional District 23 shares a border with Mexico. Given the current state of affairs related to immigration and terrorism, I will join President Trump to build a wall and use other needed mechanisms to secure our land, implement a dignified immigration process and ensure the safety of our citizens.


I have spent a great portion of my life as a business owner. I’ve also represented businesses in litigation, mediation, and negotiations on important business matters. I know the value of our business owners and the value of the people they employ. They are the backbone of our nation. I will work with President Trump to advance the initiatives that have led to unprecedented economic success in our country.  I will sponsor and support legislation against government overreach and over-regulation. 


There is a growing disregard for the rule of law within Washington D.C. Nancy Pelosi’s fraudulent attempt to impeach President Trump is a prime example of the disrespect for the Constitutional order of our government, and a product of liberal rage. The breakdown of the civility of government and law shakes the bedrock of our Republic and is the reason I stepped into the race.

Military Support

I grew up in a military family. My father, father-in-law, brother, uncle, and cousins have served in the military with distinction. I am proud to have served our men and women in uniform. They put their lives on the line for all Americans, and we should not take their sacrifice for granted. We need to continue to provide support for and build up our nation’s military, making security and strength of our country top priority.